Skirting for clean zones

Medicine and pharmaceuticals, chemical and food industries are just examples where the availability of clean zones may be made as requirement. Every day there are more branches and spheres of service, together with quality products or services grow and the requirements for their production and distribution.

Because of these strict requirements, ordinary baseboard poorly suited as a finish floor covering. Therefore, we offer specialized moldings, which are called the baseboard to clean zones, sometimes its called cannelures plinth or due to its modifications, composite plinth.

Skirting for clean zones consists of two parts. The first part consists of a curved, rigid PVC profile, which is installed in the joint between the floor and the wall. Flooring, most often it is linoleum or carpet, starts already on the profile. The second part of the skirting board- edge is made of the same material as the profile and concealing the joint between the flooring and the wall. Usually, the edges have the opportunity to stick on the surface of a piece of flooring, thus creating unity and uniformity between the coating and the edge, improving the appearance of the interior. The advantage of such moldings is the fact that the floor you can start at any desired height on the wall, it thanks to the composite structure of the baseboard.

Skirting to clean zones used not only in spaces of industrial or medical facilities, as well as in the clinic or kindergarten. Height of flooring on the wall helps to produce a more thorough cleaning, as dirt and dust does not accumulate near walls and in corners, and easily eliminated. Cannelures baseboard can be used in residential apartments and houses, where high hygienic properties of space, such as staying people suffering from allergies or respiratory diseases.

Standard color: grey.


  • Use Cannelure profile ensures the room is fully air-tightness and water resistance, which prevents harmful substances under the elements of design space.
  • Install baseboards on clean zones is not problematic, it does not require technical equipment or any special skills. With the installation of skirting for clean zones can to cope any man: the profile can be easily attached to the wall by screws or contact adhesive.
  • Cannelure profile that we offer for clean zones, compares favorably with other peers by quality materials that are safe not only for humans but also for the environment. Our plinths are suitable for installation in a variety of areas, even with the highest standards for cleanliness.
  • Also we can produce the Cannelure profile of any color to your order.