Kitchen profile

Kitchen profile for countertops consists of a mounting plate, which attaches to the countertop and a decorative top part, that snaps on the top. Inside this profile can be laid wires.

Decorative edges of profile can be picked in colour of countertop or in tone of the wall covering. In both cases, this profile will look organically, emphasizing the dignity of finishing materials, which used in kitchen design.

  • Kitchen skirting is used to hide the junction between the countertop and the wall, also masking the gaps, prevents the ingress of contaminants to the kitchen countertop.
  • Kitchen profile for the countertop is a visible element of the interior. That's why beautiful and high quality moldings accentuate the unique design of your kitchen.
  • When You choosing kitchen plinth it's important to understand what kind of payload it carries. The most important factors - moisture and tightness. Kitchen profile of RICO Technical fully meets these requirements. It has a silicone elastic edges, that fits snugly to the surface.
  • An additional property of the profile - the cable channel, that can accommodate inside a variety of wires. You can place the cables not only during installation but also after.

Accessories of Kitchen profile

End cap. Used to close the end edges of the skirting.

The outer corner. Used for joints of skirting on the outer corners.

The inner corner. Used on the inner joints of the kitchen skirting.

Installation of Kitchen profile

  1. 1. Installation start with the inner corner. Mounting plate of required length alredy with accessories(the edges at the inner corner cut in at 45 degrees) attached to the countertop.
  2. 2. Further, ensue attaching the top part of profile to the mounting plate. After that profile comes under the accessories until it stops.
  3. 3. Then, in the top part of the profile is put a decorative edge width from 31 to 33 mm.
  4. 5. Similarly installing outer corners.
  5. 7,8. End cap is inserted into the end of the kitchen profile.

Colour and texture of Kitchen profile

Specification of Kitchen profile

Name Pieces per Package Package dimensions Weight
Kitchen profile 35 3060х115х175 mm 2,09 kg