The arched profile

The arched profile is a plastic corner. It's perfect for finishing arch designs and designs, which have a smooth curves.

The flexibility of the arched profile allows you to bend it to a certain radius, which gives an opportunity to use the profile in the finishing of complex construction projects.

Designed for decoration of window and door openings arch type. Attaches the aesthetics of complex designs, such as niche or semicircular ceilings.

  • Plastic arched profile is lightweight, which reduces the load on the supporting structure.
  • It's strong and durable product.
  • Various color palette.

Installation of arched profile

Wall surfaces must be smooth, dry and clean (no dust), valid for small roughness (texture of wallpaper and decorative plaster) up to 1 mm.

To attaching of universal corner is used contact adhesive for PVC products (two-sided gluing).

The adhesive is applied to the profile and the spot on the wall where it should be glued.

Use the adhesive composition should be in accordance with the instructions.

Important! At the absence of contact adhesive, for more flexibility of arched profile, You must use a hairdrier and masking tape until a full lock.

Colour and texture of the arched profile

Specification of the arched profile

Name Length Pieces per Package Package dimensions Package Weight
Corner 10х20 mm 2,7 m 50 2700х50 mm 3,2 kg
Corner 5х17 мм 2,7 m 50 2700х50 mm 4,6 kg