Universal corner profile

Universal corner profile is a strip of soft, stretchy material, which connects the both parts of angle. It allows you to use the profile for the internal and external corners, without limitations on 90 degree.

Universal corner can be made more sharp or obtuse, depending of room layout.

Universal corner profile available in various packaging options. It decide the problem of preservation during transport and storage.

Color and pattern is completely consistent to colours the skirting board of Leo Rico series.

Installation of universal corner profile

The wall surface should be smooth, dry and clean (no dust), permissible for small roughness (textures of wallpaper, decorative plasters and so on) up to 1 mm.

For gluing universal corner applied the contact adhesive for PVC products (bilateral gluing).

At first, the adhesive is applied to the profile, then to the wall, but only on the place, which is attached the profile.

To use the adhesive composition should be in accordance with the instructions.

IMPORTANT! If you want to make the corner elastic without glue, angle need to secure by masking tape until it locks and use the dryer.

Colour and texture of universal corner profile

  • 101 Сherry

  • 110 White

  • 111 Dark beech

  • 112 Grey ashwood

  • 118 Walnut

  • 120 Rustic oak

  • 123 Golden oak

  • 124 Amber oak

  • 130 Noble beech

  • 140 Vinola cherry

  • 155 Natural beech

  • 165 Cognac oak

  • 176 Wenge

  • 180 Antique oak

Specification of universal corner profile

Name Pieces per Package Package dimensions Package Weight Packing
Universal corner profile 2,7 m 50 2750х45х55 mm 8,0 kg  
Universal corner profile 3 m 18 315х110х260 mm 3,1 kg  
Universal corner profile 25 m 7 260х240х315 mm 9,5 kg