Skirting board for carpet Rico Carpet

The main purpose of the skirting board for carpet, as well as any other, is to hide minor defects in the finish or possible cracks and cracks between the wall and the floor. It also serves as an important design element in the design of a room with carpeted floors. By using the skirting for carpet it is possible to achieve the most accurate and aesthetically completed kind of room.

A modern skirting board for the coating the wall is a bar of L-shaped section of rigid PVC. This material is environmentally friendly and safe for humans and the environment. In addition, the PVC material is characterized by high wear resistance. And it is able to protect the walls from various mechanical damages, for example, during the cleaning of the room.

When installing, inside of the profile inserts a strip of carpet or the edge of the carpet. Depending on the size of the plinth, the height of the tape can reach 45 mm. The carpet is reliably connected with the product due to a special adhesive strip applied to its front part. The upper narrow strip of the element is lowered downwards. The color of the upper bar is represented in a wide range of colors, so that it is possible to choose a plinth that best fits the interior or the color of the carpet.

One of the advantages of the skirting for carpets is that in the case of a worn out or simply replacement of a bored carpet - it is not absolutely necessary to change the baseboard itself.

Skirting for carpet is produced in the form of rails, the length of which is 2.5 meters. This size profile allows you to minimize the number of joints of the product and increase its strength. Rails are easily cut to the required length. And with the help of accessories (end caps, external and internal corners) corner joints and end sections are decorated without problems. The shape of the element itself is arranged in such a way that it makes it possible to hide wires from eyes and lay a cable with a thickness of no more than 4 mm.

Fastening skirting to the wall is made with self-tapping screws. Possessing a simple design and easy fixing technology, the installation does not require any special skills and it can be done by one's own hands But with a qualitatively produced installation of the skirting board, the service life of the product significantly increases. After installing the element, due to the hidden fastener system, the overall finish pattern does not deteriorate. A skirting board for carpet plant on the wall Rico Carpet is rightly considered the best way to achieve full textured and color unification of the floor decor.