Flexible Rico Flex profile

Flexible floor profile Rico Flex is a plastic threshold, which is made of a homogeneous thermoplastic and can take almost any form.

Our company produces and offers You flexible plastic profile Rico Flex. It's the most practical variant design of the joints, which usually used on floors, laminate, linoleum, tile, and when finishing a complex curvilinear joints of different floor coverings.

Ease of installation and low cost Rico Flex profile will allow any owner to use it for decoration of joint between different types of floor coverings.

New backplate for flexible floor profile Rico Flex has perforations for flexibility of the strap in all directions. Now it isn't necessary to do cuts manually! Installation became faster and convenient. Also a new profile can be used when differences surface whose height from 6 to 18 mm, thanks to the legs, increasing the height of the profile.

  • Fast invisible mounting system.
  • Can easily be placed at room temperature.
  • The bend radius up to 60 cm in a cool and up to 30 cm in a hot state.
  • Easily cut to the necessary size.
  • Ideal for uneven floors.
  • Compatible with floor finishes of different thickness: carpet, parquet, laminate, linoleum, tile and others.
  • This profile used for a smooth transition of different types of floor coverings. It can be flexing to any band that you need.
  • Creates the illusion of flowing space, highlighting the functional areas, and at the same time it's harmoniously combine with floor coverings.

Installation of Rico Flex profile

As a joint -covering (straight) profile, it is designed for decoration of straight butt joints on the same level.

As a joint-covering (levelling) profile, it helps to connect floor sections of different height (differences up to 12 mm).

As in the role of flexible skirting profile is used when grouting round shape, for example, for the design of columns.

New strap of Rico Flex helps to connect the different sections of the floor height (drops from 6 to 18 mm).

Colour and texture of Rico Flex profile

Specification of Rico Flex profile

Name Pieces per Package Package dimensions Weight Package
Flexible floor profile 3,0 m 6 360х420х320 mm 4,6 kg  
Flexible floor profile 6,0 m 6 360х420х320 mm 8,3 kg  
Mounting strip (0-12 mm) 0,95 m 74 985х60х110 мм 3,3 kg  
Mounting strip (6-18 mm) 0,95 m 42 985х60х110 mm 2,7 kg