The embossed corner

The main field of application of corners are finishing and repair and construction work.

Classic corners have an angle of ninety degrees. They used to finish the exterior joints and to close the gap between the surfaces. In addition to all functions above, plastic corners also possess a decorative properties, which gives a finished look to the room.

  • Visual design of the corners of construction: rectification and smoothing;
  • Hides the panel joints;
  • Perfect in decoration;
  • Protection of slopes of windows;
  • Long service life of corners;
  • Wide range of colors will help to drain off the edge construction of the windows and arches, wallpaper and skirting boards in a single picture;
  • Do not require painting or further treatment;
  • The plastic corners do not corrode and easy to clean;
  • Also plastic corner simple to install.

Installation of the embossed corner

The wall surface should be smooth, dry and clean (no dust), valid for small roughness (texture of wallpaper and decorative plaster, etc.) up to 1 mm.

For gluing universal corner used the contact adhesive for PVC products (double-sided gluing).

The adhesive is applied not only to the profile, but also on the wall, at place where gluing this profile.

Use a glue composition according to the instructions.

Until complete fixation, secure the corner with masking tape.

The color and texture of the embossed corner

Specification of the embossed corner

Name Pieces per Package Package dimensions Weight
Embossed corner 20х20 mm, 2,7 m 25 2700х30х50 mm 3,3 kg
Embossed corner 25х25 mm, 2,7 m 25 2700х35х50 mm 4,2 kg
Embossed corner 30х30 mm, 2,7 m 25 2700х45х60 mm 6,1 kg
Embossed corner 40х40 mm, 2,7 m 25 2700х60х70 mm 9,7 kg