Skirting board for carpet Rico Carpet

Skirting board for carpet is intended for rooms with carpeted floors, whether offices, commercial centers, hotels, restaurants or dwelling houses. Distinguishing feature of Rico Carpet plinth that the main material the same carpet, as on a floor and plastic base attached to the wall and serves as a frame.

Thus, the plinth is like a logical continuation of the floor and gives the surface a neat, finished appearance.

  • Skirting board for carpet of Rico Carpet is a specially developed type of a plinth which is intended for installation in rooms with carpeted flooring.
  • Skirting board for carpet is made of rigid PVC, which guarantees its high wear resistance and full safety for the person and environment.
  • Rico Carpet plinth has stiffening ribs. With them the product looks more volume, and also there is an opportunity to hide inside thin wires.
  • Carpet skirting board isn't whimsical in maintenance. During cleaning baseboards wiped with a damp rag. Simple and quick installation of the plinth does not require special skills and takes the least time.
  • The hidden system of installation, where hat of self-tapping screws are covered by a strip of carpet.
  • Carpet is attached to the plinth using adhesive tape, printed on the front part of the strap. Thus it is possible to achieve uniformity of texture and color in the finish of the floor.
  • If you need to changing the carpet flooring it isn't necessary to dismantle the plinth, you can replace the strip of carpet on a new one.

Accessories for Rico Carpet plinth

Inner corner

Outer corner

End cap (blank)

The accessories in accuracy repeat a plinth profile in the cross section that gives a snug fit of elements, without leaving gaps between a plinth and an element.

Installation the Rico Carpet plinth

Assembling is made after completion of the laying of the floor covering.

1. Draw the drawing room where you plan to install the baseboards.

2. To lay carpet on the floor.

3. To calculate the required length of the baseboard.

4. To drill the holes in the socle (about the center), the interval is not more than 50 cm

An alternative way of laying carpet, plinth installation transpires not after, but before carpeting. At first, skirting board shall be installed around the perimeter of the room. (This method is best used when laying shaggy carpet, then the pile is not pressed by plinth).

Colour and texture of Rico Carpet plinth

560 Mahogany

544 Beech

540 Walnut

542 Oak

524 Gray

522 Dark Gray

506 Green

529 White

515 Black

517 Blue

Specification of Rico Carpet plinth

Name Pieces per package Package dimensions Weight
Skirting board for carpet 2,5 m 28 2530х90х125 mm 10 kg gross
Inner corner
Outer corner
End cap (piece, blank)
500/10 pairs
315х240х260 mm 2 kg