Universal premium plinth Rico Leo

The universal plastic plinth with soft edges for all types of floor coverings. Perfectly keeps within and smoothes roughnesses of surfaces. Inside the plinth passes the cable channel, which can accommodate wire.

  • Simple and reliable installation.
  • Possibility of repeated installation and dismantle (disassembly) of the plinth.
  • System wiring that does not require drilling of walls.
  • Perfectly combined with floor coverings, market-leading (leading in the market).
  • Resistance to mechanical damages, strong, wearproof covering.
  • The basis of a plinth resistant to moisture, which ensures a long service life.

Accessories for Rico Leo plinth

Rico Leo has a set of accessories, which are picked up for color scale of a plinth.

Installation the Rico Leo plinth

The design provides the cable channel with the possibility of replacing the wiring without removing the plinth. The cable channel on the front side is covered with a decorative strap in the color of the plinth.

Has soft rubber edges for a snug fit and smooth out roughnesses.

Fast installation - without application of brackets for mounting.The plinth with the mask strap is mounted directly on the wall.

Originality of design consists of additional external a cable channel, which covered with a mask strap. It's allows to lay additional wiring after installing.

Plastic mounting box for installation of electrical outlets is the best solution to the plinth with cable channel. It’s esthetic possibility of connectionnecessary equipment without drilling walls and renovation of the room.

Now you without problems will be able to install additional outlets. Also you can transfer the phone or TV to any other place of your choice, to establish cable, satellite television or a computer network.

The functional antenna module with the connector provides possibility of conduction the TV cable at any convenient place in the room.

Originality of design consists in possibility of its installation without removing the plinth.

The antenna module is decorated in color scale of the Rico Leo series.

Colour and texture of Rico Leo plinth

Specification of Rico Leo plinth

Name Pieces per Package Package dimensions Weight Packing
Plastic skirting board 2,5 m 40 2520х135х185 mm 15,5 kg  
Inner corner
End cap (piece, blank)
Connector (adapter)
500 / 10 315х240х260 mm 2,0 kg  
Outer corner 500 / 10 320х265х265 mm 2,0 kg  
Mounting box 40 / 1 315х240х260 mm 2,8 kg  
Mounting box in blister 28 315х240х260 mm 2,8 kg  
Antenna module 70 315х240х260 mm 3,0 kg