Production of Injection molding products

Most often, when it comes to customization of the product or part, involve to release a certain number of items the same type. This usually relates to the manufacture of products from plastic or polyurethane. In such cases, all products are made by casting with the manufacture of the template, the mold.

Casting is a high-tech process, which are produced typical of the product or preform by pouring molten raw materials in the desired templates-forms.

Molds allow you to produce goods in large quantities, leaving the cost of production is quite small.

Our company is engaged the production of injection molding of plastic products and plastic, including material such as: ABS plastic, polyvinyl chloride, polyurethane, polypropylene, polycarbonate and polyethylene. The choice of material for casting depends on the required qualities of the final product. It can be reinforced product strength and resistance to temperature, aggressive media and the like.

Our production is equipped by the modern equipment, which allows us to produce molds for castings of any complexity and with a long service life. We closely monitor scientific advances in manufacturing technologies and as soon as possible try to incorporate them into our production line. Therefore, we employ only certified experts and professionals who can work with the latest technologies and which will produce high-quality form in full compliance with the technical specifications.

We are engaged in a full cycle of works on manufacturing the product: design and production layout, template 3D; create a prototype; the production of the required number of molds; and the final production batch.

The quality control Department monitors the products at all stages of production, so You can always be sure that you will get your product in accordance with the project requirements, your wishes and with full compliance with state standards.