Production of profile to the order

Our company, in addition to production of standard profiles, also offers a full range of services for production of plastic profile to the order.

Profiles of plastic have become an integral part of our daily life. They are used in various spheres, not only in the construction or finishing. They are used for installation of windows and doors in the premises, interior design, furniture and even in the automotive industry. Of course, these is not limited the range of application of plastic profile and it's safe to say that the scope of use such profiles will only increase with time.

Currently use a lot of imported profiles. In the current unstable situation with the rouble, the Russian enterprises is an opportunity to save the current cost.

Production of profiles for the order is provided by the sketches and drawings of the client. But, in case of need, our experienced professionals can advise to make a necessary adjustments to the existing project so that the final product meet the state standards. And, of course, will be able to fully develop the product from scratch. All we need is to explain how you see the future of the product and what qualities it should possess.

All production of profiles is carried out on modern high-tech equipment and using high-quality materials. The operation and control of equipment are provide by certified staff with the necessary knowledge and experience. Therefore we are always confident in the quality of our profiles. And our customers know that their orders will be completed on time and accordingly to the technical task.

Our production meets all quality standards, is environmentally friendly and harmless to humans. All the materials that use for production are purchased directly from the manufacturers, which allows us to keep the prices for the manufacture of custom profiles. It's undeniably attracts for our customers.

Making the application

To make an application for the manufacture of plastic products You need to download and fill out the corresponding form.

The completed application and additional information (application form, product drawing, sketches, etc.) you can send to:

Soon You will receive an email with the answer to the application.

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