Anti-slip self-adhesive profile Rico Safe Step

Anti-slip self-adhesive profile Rico Safe Step increases the level of safety in buildings and on the street. Also it prevents accidents in places of potential danger - stairs, overpass, bridges, running boards, showers, etc., where is the high likelihood of slipping. Installing anti-slip profile is a convenient and reliable method to avoid falls and injuries when walking on slippery surfaces.

  • Provides safe walking of a person on any slippery surfaces.
  • It is intended for installation on steps of staircases, pedestrian zones, as well as in premises with high humidity (for recreation areas, playgrounds, shower rooms, camping sites, trailer houses, berth houses, stairs, steps, work areas, car service centers, industrial equipment, dacha construction, etc.) as an anti-slip profile.
  • Adhesive composition provides a high degree of adhesion and maximum strength of the profile to any smooth surfaces (ceramics, marble, metal, treated wood and concrete).
  • Simple installation: peel off the protective layer and apply to a dry and clean surface from dirt and grease.
  • Chemical resistance to loads, acid solutions, water, fat.
  • Resistant to ultraviolet and aggressive media.
  • The elastic surface is hypoallergenic and has a soft texture, comfortable for walking barefoot.
  • Doesn’t lose the original color and shine, even with intensive and prolonged use.

Installation of Rico Safe Step

On the surface of the anti-slip profile on the opposite side it is applied an adhesive layer with a protective film from drying. This is done for the convenience of gluing the profile. It is enough to separate the protective film from the adhesive surface of the profile and RICO Safe Step is ready for gluing. As glue it is used frost-resistant, high-strength, water-resistant, sealing chemical composition.

Color and texture of Rico Safe Step







Specification of Safe Step profile

Description pcs in box package size
Nonskid profile 1,0 m 12 1050х40х85 mm