The Rico plinth

Skirting board Rico with the cable-channel accentuates expressiveness and originality of the interior of Your premises. Gives the floor a finished look and enhances the beauty of the laid floor covering. Also Rico plinth allows closing of shrinkage and expansion joints (up to 19 mm) and serves as a connecting element between the floor and interior wall.

Rico plinth consists of two parts - the base strap and the masking element. This design allows you to hide the cables running along the walls and the attachment of the baseboard to the wall.

Now to gain access to the wiring you don't need to remove whole baseboard, it is enough to remove the masking element. This is the main advantage of Rico plinth.

  • Unlimited possibilities of mounting and demounting of the plinth.
  • Quick and simple installation without using fasteners.
  • Resistance to mechanical stress, abrasion, 100% humidity.
  • Corner pieces with wood imitation has the same colour as the baseboard.
  • Durable and high-quality coverage.
  • Ideally combined with laminate, parquet floor and carpeting.

Accessories for Rico plinth

Installation the Rico plinth

The popularity of this plastic plinth is simple and quick installation of the whole structure.

Rico plinth can easily be dismantled and then put back. Why is it important? Perhaps in the future you want to change the wallpaper, to lay a new cable or pull up the linoleum.

The plinth is mounted directly to the wall with dowels and screws.

After installation, all fasteners are hidden under the masking strap of the cable channel.

Also after the installation of the baseboard, easy-to-open cable duct allows to hide any wiring convenient and easy.

Plastic mounting box for installation of sockets for any purpose realizes the principle of the plinth with cable channel. Aesthetic solution for connectivity necessary equipment without drilling walls and redecoration of the room.

Now You will be able to install additional outlets. To transfer a phone or TV in any other place of Your choice. Also with this solution install cable, satellite TV or computer network will be quick and easy.

Colour and texture of Rico plinth

Specification of Rico plinth

Name Pieces per Package Package dimensions Package Weight
Plastic skirting board 2,5 m 40 2520х145х170 mm 16,5 kg
Inner corner
Outer corner
End cap (piece, blank)
Connector (adapter)
500 / 10 / 2
500 / 10 / 2
500 / 10 / 1 pair
500 / 10 / 2
315х240х260 mm 2,0 kg
Mounting box 40 / 1 315х240х260 mm 2,8 kg