Production profile

Our company, since inception in 1998, is engaged the production of plastic profiles. We have our own production line and accumulated technological base. We track all the latest developments in the technology of manufacturing the profiles and try to be the first to implement them in own production. This helps us, if necessary, to quickly bring to market new products or material.

Plastic profiles - this is a whole class of different products, which are used almost everywhere. The breadth of using items such as the profile is due to the fact that in the manufacture can be given a diverse range of properties to final product, depending on its purpose. Usually, profiles are used in construction and finishing works: for the production of window products, baseboards, thresholds, panels, trim, doors, railings, handrails, edges, and many other products and items.

The production of plastic profiles is very complicated and responsible process, which requires advanced equipment, quality materials, professional knowledge and skills.

Production of profiles takes place by extrusion. During the entire manufacturing process, our experts are constantly monitoring the melting temperature, cooling temperature, working pressure and even speed of movement of the material - as any, even the slightest deviation can lead to marriage. Also in the production is important the strict observance of the formulation during preparation of mixture material. Because future characteristics of the profile depend on its correct mixture.

We used to be fully accountable to our clients and customers, so our specialists carefully monitor for the quality of our products and test it on all stages of production. To ensure that the quality of products always answered the highest standards, we use only the best equipment.

Profiles manufactured by us meet all the requirements for electrical and fire safety, they are completely environmentally friendly and completely safe for humans and the environment.

We produce profiles of the following materials: