High skirting board Royal

The new plinth of a premium class expands the horizons to finishing of your interior. High plinth meets the requirements of modern functional design. Skirting board Royal is the addition of series Rico and Rico Leo, corresponds to our main criteria: unconditional quality and high functionality in combination with ease of operation.

  • The plinth consists of two strips (parts, levels)
    - the baseboard is intended for direct installation to a wall and cabling;
    - masking strips conveniently and reliably closes cavities for laying of a cable and provides to them fast access at prime necessity.
  • The versatility. The plinth is combined with any kind of floor covering.
  • Perfectly fits into finishing large areas, where, in combination with high ceilings looks respective and emphasizes the grandeur of the interior.
  • Small violations and functional deformations of surfaces, (for example, decorative relief walls, technological joints, wall/floor tiles) are leveled by elastic edges of the bars from top and bottom.
  • Physical properties of the soft edge is specially selected so that even after long-term deformation, it easily came back to an initial form.
  • At correct installation the plinth of Royal possesses moisture resistant and moisture protective characteristics. The covering of walls is reliably protected from moisture at correct installation of plinth.

Accessories for Royal plinth

Accessories simplify installation of skirting board and makes it finished. All elements are exactly the same as a skirting board in cross section. That gives a snug fit items without leaving gaps between the baseboard and the element.

Installation the Royal plinth

1. Installation of plinth start from the inner corner of the room. The plinth is attached to the wall with screws.

2. The accessories easily put on a skirting board. Strap of the cable channel is latched after the installation of plinth and accessories.

3. After installation of the inner corner, continue installation of skirting board around the perimeter of all rooms.

4. The same actions we carry out with an outer corner.

5. At the next step, we fix self-tapping screws first part of a plinth together with accessories.

6. Clip the plate of the cable channel towards the accessories.

7. Similar installation of adapter and the end cap used in a place of break the line of plinth.

Colour and texture of Royal plinth

Specification of the Royal plinth

Name Pieces per Package Package dimensions Weight
Plastic skirting board 2,5 m 24 2520х135х185 mm 15,9 kg
Inner corner
Outer corner
400 / 2 320х285х265 mm 2,8 kg
End cap (blank) 200 pairs / 1 pair
(right and left)
315х245х265 mm 1,7 kg
Connector (adapter) 400 / 2 315х110х260 mm 1,8 kg