ROSMAT company

Today "ROSMAT" is a company that grows rapidly. It is specialized in manufacture of plastic products.

What profit can you make of cooperation with us:

  • we have long successful work experience;
  • we have formed a team of qualified Russian specialists and also professionals from Europe;
  • we have developed a wide productive, scientific and technical base in the field of extrusion molding, and also plastic injection molding;
  • we apply advanced environmental technologies of Germany and Austria parentage;
  • we exercise total quality control at all production stages;
  • our company allows the plant to abandon the accepted standards and create truly unique products with sustained quality.

The manufacturing complex of the company is situated in Gatchin District of Leningrad region.

More than 100 persons work on the territory with the total area of 15000 square meters, 9000 square meters of which serve as an area dedicated to production and warehouse facilities.

The company "ROSMAT" sells the products in Russia, CIS countries, Eastern and Western Europe. Everybody associates the brand "ROSMAT" with the following things:

  • quality of products;
  • safe-health level;
  • ergonomic adequacy;

The company produces a wide range of products tailored to consumers: plinths, quirks, profiles and other wares. Since the company was founded, more than 30 368 000 000 tons of plastic products in total that makes more than 75 920 000 km of the total length have been produced and sold. Now the company takes the production to the assembly line where all processes are improved to the greatest possible extent.

Together with customers the company "ROSMAT" participates in development of products and details drawings.

Our team of experienced engineers develops drawings in accordance with a design assignment and individual needs of a customer. During design planning the 3d-modeling is executed, and all necessary calculations are performed as well. Besides, the company "ROSMAT" designs and produces mold, molding tool and extrusion-type jet.

Our plant will solve your problems connected with looking for odd outsourced specialists, and it is ready to offer an integrated qualified decision for all technical issues. Having got a mold finished, first of all our specialists test it and make a trial cast molding. According to results of these tests the procedure sheet for mold is created. It contains all information needed for its operation like: material consumption rate, its type and essential doping agents, time of cycle, available modes of operation, weight of cull (as appropriate).

The production facilities of the Company "ROSМАТ" consist of the modern German and Austrian equipment. First of all, these are automatic molding machines that allow producing wares with use of different thermoplastic materials. The cast shop of our company is completed with AMM having a different capacity. Here in the mode of high capacity the details of different technical complexity are produced: from the thin-walled articles of irregular shape to the thick-walled articles with 30 % increase of volume-molded shot. Molding of plastics is carried out in accordance with all up-to-date demands.

Benefits of automatic molding machines are as follows:

  • true structural similarity;
  • a maximal unification and technological consistency of operation with standard rows and groups of machines;
  • complete automation of operation cycle;
  • simultaneous operation of several machines by one operator;
  • organization of large-volume manufacturing.

Besides, we use high-speed extrusion lines allowing us to produce more than a thousand tons of products per month.

The advanced set of equipment enables the company "ROSMAT" to produce profiles of different materials of high quality with close tolerances and in a wide range. The production lines consist of an extruder, vacuum calibrator, thermoprinting machine, cutoff device, detachable device and placing machine.

Depending on tasks we can integrate an additional equipment, such as:

  • ornamental pattern printing unit;
  • glue layer application unit;
  • protective layer application unit;
  • perforating dies etc.

The lines are equipped with the devices and modifiers of foreign production. It offers multifold possibilities for regulation and accurate control of technological parameters. Applying the recent developments we can create products with very high reliability and safety rates.

Our equipment allows to make profiles using next materials:

  • polyvinylchloride PVC;
  • ABS plastic (ABS);
  • polycarbonate (PC);
  • polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA);
  • polyurethane (PU);
  • elastomer (TPE, TPU);
  • polypropylene (PP);
  • polyethylene HDPE, LDPE (PE).

Our Company is focused on total satisfaction of our clients’ needs. We are always ready:

  • to render technical assistance to you;
  • to help to solve non-routine tasks in an effective way;
  • to show flexibility in pricing policy;
  • to guarantee safety for an environment and health using ecofriendly materials only;
  • to offer the ISO 9001 Certificate Austrian Plastics Institute with which we confirm high standards and excellent output quality.

You will get a reliable supplier for your business and a product with the appropriate characteristics needed for you to cope with your business tasks!