ROSMAT Ltd. has a broad industrial and scientific-technical base in the field of extrusion and injection molding of plastics.

Injection molding of plastics:

The company takes orders for design, simulation, fabrication, debugging, maintenance of molds for injection molding of any plastic products, including complex curved and thin.

The company has a wide databank and the laboratory that support high standards in the selection and production of pigments for plastics.


The company takes orders for making articles of PVC by extrusion. By agreement we can produce any color according to RALL.

For trading organizations we offer a special service package: You provide the product You want to manufacture and produce at our facility, we provide You with the economic balance. Next is a contract for production and delivery of products to You, You become the owner of the equipment that we service. In other words, we produce a rapid assessment of the technical feasibility and economic feasibility of production of Your products.

Own industrial and technological base of the company, as well as extensive contacts with manufacturers of sophisticated equipment allows the company to quickly bring to market new types of products from different materials, and to provide such services to third parties.

Making the application

To make an application for the manufacture of plastic products You need to download and fill out the corresponding form.

The completed application and additional information (application form, product drawing, sketches, etc.) you can send to:

Soon You will receive an email with the answer to the application.