Ecological products (Pb free)

Nowadays, environmental friendliness of plastic is an important issue for many people.

Before setting of PVC products in the apartment, everyone wants to make sure they will not release toxic substances or cause allergic reactions.

PVC (polyvinyl chloride) is a product of complicated chemical synthesis, based on the natural raw materials, salt (sodium chloride), oil and chalk. Due to its unique properties, this material is chemically inert, durable and resistant, which makes it indispensable in various fields of life. For example, it is used to make containers for food or donation blood. We believe, this is one of the best proofs of hygiene and harmlessness material.

Stabilizers, plasticizers, pigments and a number of other supplements are used in the manufacture of PVC elements for sanitary ware and interior fittings. Many producers use a lead salt, which is potentially dangerous for people and environment.

ROSMAT Ltd. refused from using lead stabilizer, our company has been employing Calcium-Zink (CaZn) in the products for three years. This stabilizer is famous as the most environmentally friendly one and it is used by western manufacturers, since production of PVC using lead is prohibited.

Eco-friendly plastic products from ROSMAT, Ltd. are products of future.