Fillet of foamed PVC

Fillet of foamed PVC is a decorative profile. It serves to cover any possible gaps. Application sphere of this profile is quite wide. You can use it to the joint between the wall and bathtub or in the corner between the ceiling and walls. Also at the junction of the wall and counter top. Fillet is easily fixed by assembly glue.

The color and texture of the fillet

610 White

614 Mountain maple

623 Golden Oak

632 Wild cherry

638 Rose beech

640 Vignola cherry

652 Scandinavian oak

655 Natural beech

670 Oak Venice

699 Eliseevsky oak

Specification of Fillet

Name Pieces per Package Package dimensions Weight
Fillet 22х22 mm (2,7 m) 20 2720х70х70 mm 5,1 kg