A fillet is universal decorative element which used to close the joints between the ceiling and wall. As well as for inner corners of the room. Fillet are easy to operate and looks perfectly for a long time. It used to repair and decoration of windows, kitchen, bathroom, basement or any other special premises.

  • Aesthetic appearance, durability and security.
  • A fillet can be used to design tiered ceiling and for finishing inner corner, uneven or curved surfaces.
  • Perfectly combined with wallpaper, ceiling tiles and wall panels on the basis of MDF and PVC.
  • Fillet also is a great seal at the place of contact the wall with the sink, bathtub and the counter tops in the kitchen.
  • Soft-edge of fillet will retain their color for a long time, while the white or clear sealant will turn to yellow.

Accessories for Fillet

The color and texture of the fillet

White EXT

Silver EXT

Black EXT

White INT

Silver INT

Black INT

Specification of the fillet

Products of Rico moulding of black and white colours comes with a protective transparent film.

Safety film will protect the surface from mechanical damage during the installation.

After installation, the film is easily removed from the fillet.

Name Pieces per Package Package dimension Weight
Fillet 2,7 m 28 2720х75х75 mm 6,7 kg
Set of accessories
(inner corner, outer corner, right and left end caps)
400 / 4 310х255х235 mm 2,65 kg