Production of PVC profile

Our company is engaged in the production and sale of PVC profiles. Modern equipment, latest technology and skilled professionals enable us to say with confidence - we produce only eco-friendly and high quality PVC profiles.

Today, PVC profile used in almost areas of life. Material polyvinyl chloride is obtained by chemical compounds of carbon, hydrogen and chlorine. In the production of PVC profile in its composition also include various additives that give the product the desired quality or improve its properties. For example, you can improve qualities such as durability, resistance to atmospheric agents, sudden temperature changes and other.

For the construction industry, PVC products are made in the form of moldings profiles of different cross-section obtained by extrusion. The main area to use the elements of PVC is manufacture of finishing materials: windows, suspended ceilings, profiles for soffits, skirting boards and etc. But, of course, only the construction industry elements of PVC are not limited. The use of this material can be seen in medicine, where it is primarily required sterility, engineering, design, consumer products, and even for the manufacture of children's toys.

Profiles of PVC have high strength, good heat, hydro and sound insulation properties. Also the profile is resistant to chemical attack: acids, alkalis, lime. PVC is flame retardant material, but even when burning it does not release harmful substances. It is an environmentally friendly material that does not rot, susceptible to mold growth does not distribute bacteria and fungi. And most importantly, PVC is a recyclable material.

The production of PVC profile is a complex process, based on strict observance of all stages. The violation of any technological process may result in loss of quality of material. During production, we taken into account different factors, including the terms of future application profile. Only by knowing in advance the future use of the material, is to begin to manufacture, to make the recipe all the necessary changes and ensure that our products fully meet all mandated requirements.

Our company employs true professionals. Our experts will handle Your order from scratch and will lead the process to the final product. Service quality control inspect the product at each stage of production. So You can be sure that ordering our plastic profile of PVC - You will receive only high quality material that will meet all Your requirements and will last as long as possible.