Production profile of polyurethane

Our company is ready to offer You manufacture the profiles of polyurethane. For the production of profiles we take only quality materials and all work is performed by certified specialists with modern equipment.

Polyurethane is a structural material whose operational characteristics allowed it to be widely available on the market. This material is increasingly used as a substitute of rubber products, rubber, metal, plastic. Its use can be found in the following industrial sectors: engineering; oil and gas; chemical; textile; electrical; construction; food and many others.

High quality polyurethane and its price is very favorable for use. Its high physical and chemical properties have made it a vital link between the rubber and the plastic.

One of the most important properties of polyurethane are its high abrasion resistance, resistance to tearing and deformation. Also it is resistant to shocks and to chemical: industrial oils, gasoline, acids, fats or solvents.

Polyurethane has excellent elastic properties, maintaining elasticity even at low temperatures. The product, which was used polyurethane, and its characteristics are far superior to similar products made of high quality rubber.

Depending on the applied technologies and the use of prescription additives and fillers can improve the desired properties of the polyurethane.

Due to its physicochemical properties, the profile of polyurethane has been well-proven in the market as an universal and multifunctional material. Products of polyurethane, at the moment, are one of the most popular materials for the production of wear-resistant elements of construction.