Manufacturing of polypropylene products

Our company is engaged in the production of polypropylene products. For the manufacture of articles and profiles of polypropylene we provide the most modern equipment, with using high quality materials from reliable vendor partner.

On surface of profiles the polypropylene is similar to polyethylene, but they have more quality characteristics. The unique composition of polypropylene allows the profile to achieve good properties of impact resistance and wear resistance. The material is able to withstand of repeated exertion for a long period. A particular advantage of polypropylene profile is due to its ease in processing. It can be drilling, sawing, planing, while not making much physical effort. Also it's easily weldable with hot air. Owing to their high strength, this profile is cope with the replacement analogues of steel. Products made of polypropylene are perfect to use in cases of hinge design, flexible device and mobile structures.

Polypropylene has excellent resistance and withstands temperatures from -40 to 100 degrees Celsius. This allows to use the products of polypropylene in different climatic conditions, and also for supplying hot or cold water. Besides, this material is resistant to various chemical reagents and allows the use of polypropylene profile in a hostile environment. Having excellent dielectric characteristics, it is well-established for use in insulating structures.

Products made of polypropylene are produced by several methods - extrusion, blow molding, casting, by foaming or Roto-formation. The most common and most reliable production methods are extrusion and injection molding.

Polypropylene products are used in many industries: the production of electrical and electronics, instrumentation, mechanical engineering, automotive, construction, advertising and many others. The most popular industry is use of polypropylene in the production of packaging materials. Films of polypropylene outperforms films of other materials. They are more resistant to heat, chemical attack and are easily sterilized. Such properties are highly appreciated in the food and pharmaceutical industries, where, in addition to films, polypropylene is also used for manufacturing various containers and packaging. In medicine, polypropylene, due to the possibility of sterilization, used for manufacture of inhalers and disposable syringes. In electrical engineering the material used for the manufacture of insulating sheath: coil, lamp cartridges, housings of different equipment. Another wide application range of the material polypropylene as a consumer goods: different buckets, containers and other items for bathroom, kitchen, garden or backyard.

Profiles of polypropylene is environmentally safe products that meet all modern standards, harmless to human health and the environment. Therefore, products of polypropylene are widely used in the food industry, for example, in the manufacture of tanks for drinking water.

Ordering and getting the profiles from polypropylene. You can always be sure of high quality material, that we use for making Your product. It will last a long time and specially suitable for Your objective.