Production of plastic products

Our company offers the production of plastic products of any complexity in the shortest time and using the high technologys.

In the modern world, the production of plastic is one of the most popular services. Plastic has become a truly indispensable material in industrial and domestic fields. With better mechanical properties and resistance to weathering, now plastic products are everywhere replaced the production of light metal or made of natural materials, wood or glass. Firmly embedded in our lives plasticity has allowed such unique properties as high strength, the ability to take the desired shape and high degree of sealing.

Manufacture of plastic products occurs in different ways, differing in the complexity of the process and the cost of equipment for production. The choice of method depends on the characteristics of the product, quantity of the shipment, properties of used material (polymer) and from requirements to end product.

To date, there are following methods for the production of plastic products: injection molding, extrusion method, extrusion, machining. Each method has its own characteristics. So machining is better suited for producing small quantities of products. But injection molding is used for making large batch of plastic products.

For the production of plastic products, our company uses only the latest equipment. We constantly monitor the development of production technology, introducing new technology and upgrading the entire production cycle.

In our company, the quality control of manufactured products is carried out at each stage, allowing in most cases to completely get rid of marriage.

Organization of production of plastic products produced by us in such a way that allows for even the most complex projects in a short period of time and exactly to specifications of the customer.