Manufacture of articles from polycarbonate

Material polycarbonate is a high quality plastic that has a wide range of applications. Structures made of polycarbonate products can be found in construction, industrial and even military industry. Polycarbonate profiles are not only reliable and durable characteristics, but also look beautiful and stylish.

Polycarbonate is a transparent structure. In appearance it resembles glass, but its strength is much higher. To break the product polycarbonate is virtually impossible. In addition, the material is resistant to high temperatures. Polycarbonate bends well and can be used in designs with curvilinear forms. Due to these characteristics, it's often used in products and structures where a high strength. Initially, the polycarbonate was conceived as a roofing material, which would be allocated by characteristics such as strength, lightness, ease of installation and resistance to atmospheric agents. But over time, the polycarbonate came out of this narrow range of application. It has been used in many other industries and for products with different features. So in the military industry it used as a material for the production of windows or protective helmets. Widely used in the construction of sports complexes, shops or shopping centres in the form of partitions, display cases or racks for production. In the advertising industry it's used for making channel letters and lighting designs. Due to its structure, polycarbonate perfectly transmits and scatters light. It can be used in the manufacture of lampshades and lamps. Because of its high resistance to physical impacts, material polycarbonate is considered to be vandal resistant and can be used for the production of lamps in railway cars or subway cars. It is also used for the production of headlights in the automotive industry.

Polycarbonate is recognized as the most fireproof material. He not only is not inflammable, and therefore will be able to light up only when getting into open flame, and is self-extinguishing, does not require active actions to extinguish.

This beautiful material has only one weakness - exposure to UV rays. But the production technology is not standing still and in today's production, this drawback is easily solved. To achieve stability to ultraviolet helps using the right additives in the manufacturing process or the application of a special coating after manufacture of the material.

Also a minus is considered to be a high material cost. But their quality and strength, polycarbonate fully justifies the price, as at the moment of analogue material polycarbonate does not exist.

Thanks to the production of various thickness and length of the polycarbonate panels of various shapes of profiles, the ability to give any colour to the product - the product polycarbonate will allow any, even the most fantastic engineering and design solutions.