Manufacturing the products of polyethylene

Polyethylene is probably the most common and widely used polymer. Polyethylene takes up a third of the world production volume among products from polymeric materials. This popularity is due to the relatively simple production technology, easy in recycling of material and a large number of additives that can improve or to give the product of the required quality polyethylene. For example, water resistance, durability, transparency etc.

Polyethylene is a thermoplastic polymer of a white color. There are many types and grades of polyethylene, but it has two main class is a low-pressure polyethylene (LDPE) and high pressure polyethylene (HDPE).

LDPE is lightweight, durable and elastic material, able to withstand temperatures up to 60 degrees Celsius. LDPE is usually used for the production of films and packaging products.

HDPE is more resistant material. Its mechanical strength is twice as high compared to LDPE. Its temperature of operation can reach of 100 degrees. With his help made household products and technical applications.

In its properties, polyethylene has a low vapor and gas permeability. The material is resistant to alkalis, salts, acids, gasoline, oils, alcohol and water. Is resistant to low temperature down to -70 degrees Celsius. It's a shock-resistant plastic, does not break, has dielectric properties.

Disadvantages of HDPE and LDPE materials is a low thermal conductivity, moderate resistance to ultraviolet radiation and deformation under constant load.

Polyethylene does not emit harmful substances, and therefore completely harmless to humans and the environment.

The main method of polyethylene obtaining is a chemical reaction called polymerization of ethylene. Depending on the desired properties of the final product and its future purpose, there are several methods of production of polyethylene. By injection molding, produced a various household elements: stationery items, toys. Extrusion produces polyethylene pipes, cables, and also is produced the sheet of polyethylene, which is widely used in construction. The most common type of polythene products - all kinds of films, also produced using extrusion. By extrusion blow molding or Roto-formation are made containers for liquid and any vessels. Using thermal vacuum forming are produced a packaging materials. This isn't a complete list the fields of usage polyethylene materials. Constantly appear a new brand of this material, with new features and new possibilities for application.

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