Universal high skirting board Rico Color

Rico Color - universal high skirting board, which is suitable for interiors completely different styles.

It's unique feature is the ability to paint the skirting board both before and after installation.

The paint is good to go to the surface of skirting board because it's made of a porous material (foamed PVC).

You can install it with mounting strap or adhesive at your desire.

  • Thanks to the style elegant profile of skirting board suited to modern and classic interiors.
  • The plinth has a hidden space to hide wires.
  • The plinth is suitable for dyeing and also can be used without painting (white color).
  • Simple installation and dismantling.
  • Has a special grooves for glue. It allows to glue the baseboard to the wall without mounting plate and without drilling the walls.
  • Resistant to mechanical damage and moisture.

Installation of Rico Color

Possible to install this skirting board in two ways. You can using the mounting plate, pre-screwing it to the wall. Another way, using mounting glue.